Prior Authorizations

Glidian integrates with thousands of payors for a seamless prior authorization experience.

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1 M +

Authorizations Processed Annually

Glidian touches over one million human lives every year

50 States

Coverage in All States

Glidian processes authorizations for payors in every state

92K +

Providers on Glidian

Thousands of providers trust Glidian to process their prior authorizations

Why Glidian?

Capture More Revenue

By processing more authorizations and getting you faster responses, Glidian helps prevent denials and cancellations, allowing you to capture more revenue.

Improve Efficiency

The average prior authorization specialist can submit about 24 authorizations per day. With Glidian, that same prior authorization specialist can submit over 100 authorizations per day, leaving significantly more time to focus on higher priority tasks.

Prevent Denials and Cancellations

Our intelligent submission and tracking systems alert users when cases are at-risk of an unsuccessful outcome. Glidian proactively asks users to enter in the information that will increase the odds of a successful outcome.

Accelerate Patient Care

By receiving faster decisions on authorizations, you are able to spend more quality time on what matters most: The Patient.

The Glidian Difference

Glidian operates at the intersection of technology and people.

Our one-of-a-kind, all-payor prior authorization tool simplifies the authorization experience through direct payor integrations, with the support of our team of prior authorization specialists. Our team, coupled with Glidian's powerful technology, ensures auths are submitted smoothly and successfully through our payor integrations, so you are no longer burdened by authorizations.

Hear what our Clients Have to Say

"Glidian's consolidated dashboard allows for streamlined prior authorization reporting that is essential to the success of our team. Their management team and support staff promote growing the customer through active listening and product/service enhancement."

— Coosa Valley MRI

"Glidian's tool and team are invaluable resources [for all things prior authorization]. Glidian has been a great partner!"

— Glidian Client

"Our team saves so much time thanks to Glidian. We've only been using the tool for a few weeks, and the time savings are clear. Now, we easily stay on top of authorizations and have time to tackle other high-priority tasks."

— Glidian ClienT

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