How it Works

The Glidian Secret

Glidian is the most payor-integrated authorization solution in the industry.


You submit your prior auth through the Glidian system

We support manual entry or direct integration options via X12 278, HL7, CSV, or API. We work with our clients to integrate with any system for a seamless experience.


Glidian transmits the auth to the Payor

Thanks to our system paired with our team of prior authorization specialists, we are able to process auths to specific payors or processors in the most efficient way possible.


Glidian obtains responses and shares it with you

Customize your settings to receive notifications on status updates, including approvals and cases requiring action or more clinical information.

What we do Vs. What You do

We take on the frustrating work of prior authorizations, so you don’t have to.

Glidian streamlines all of your auths into one, unified dashboard

Glidian is the most payor-integrated auth solution in the industry, with additional payors added each and every day. Through these integrations, all auths are compiled into one place for a effortless auth experience.

You never have to jump from payor portal to payor portal

Glidian takes on the burden of working with payors to process your authorizations

You never need to call, fax or follow-up with payors, ever again

Glidian provides detailed reporting at your fingertips

Have better clarity and understanding into denials, turnaround times, overall team productivity, and so much more.

You never again have to question what goes on behind the scenes of your auths

Glidian processes auths faster for quicker turnaround times

You receive faster decisions on more auths for higher quality care

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